Trends in Online Marketing and Viral Videos

Marketing trends are always changing in a market that is always volatile and filled with vicissitudes. One minute people are into gold because gold is the new silver, and the next it’s black because black happens to be the new gold. 

Although traditional media like television ads, newspaper listings, flyers, and billboards have always been effective tools of promotion, today’s advertising lean more toward technology that has become ever mobile, fast, world-wide connected, and available. New strategies that include social networking tools have also become promotional tools to reach prospective customers everyday. 

One of the effective strategies companies use to promote their products is posting up videos. With videos, you get to show your products and services in action and get your target market interested. However, even posting videos has its challenges. 

In video making, you have to be clear on who your target market is, and saying ‘everyone’ is ambiguous; there has to be a clear concept of who you’re trying to reach. The intention is to have a lot of people interested in what you show, and, at best, hope that enough people might want to click on it that one of them turns viral, which means that it now generates its own audience without you having to worry about marketing it. 

Gone are the days of pixelated and blurry videos; if you can at all, avoid making videos with a low resolution camera. Plan your story narrative for your product, and fix upon an angle that will spike interest, then execute the video as best as you can.

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