Practices that Can Lower Search Engine Ranking

The internet never runs short of advices on how to do SEO properly. Still, failure is rampant among starters. Below are some of the common SEO mistakes that can cause your search engine ranking to sink.

Poor Information

When people visit your page, they expect to see details on your product/service. Lack of information, as well as exaggerated selling, makes you appear dubious. Wise consumers do not trust information that are too good to be true; and when you give customers cause for doubt, they could turn to safer looking options. Your bounce back rate rises, sending you to the bottom of search results.

Bad Content

Blog posts are tools that can position yourself as an expert in the field. It should provide customers useful information. Posts that are boring to read, grammatically-poor, irrelevant, and obsolete will not cut it. They can diminish your credibility and drive people away, which will then negatively impact your relevance.

Irrelevant Keywords

If Google is to library then search words are to index cards. If you don’t use the right keywords in your content, expect reduced visibility. To avoid your campaign going to waste, perform keyword analysis and make sure the keywords are smoothly integrated into your content.

Linking to Poor Quality Pages

Having many links in your website means you are very active and are a highly recommendable source of information. The effect is reversed, however, if you are linked to sites of poor quality. The sites’ relevance can affect yours as well.


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