Get the Most of Instagram’s Marketing Potential

More and more businesses are capitalizing on the marketing potential of social media sites, and the famous photo-sharing site Instagram is no exception. According to the company itself, its following has now surpassed the 200 million mark, and is still going strong. Here’s how to make the most of that gargantuan pool of opportunities.

Share gorgeous images – The first and foremost rule? Post pictures that are worth sharing. The pictures that perform best on Instagram are often stunning scenery shots. While scenery shots in a literal sense might not have anything to do with your business, work along the same mentality: prioritize sharing beautiful images at least once a week.

Create a profile to reach more people – An Instagram profile provides some sort of a main hub to tell people everything about your company’s story, and allow them to be endeared by it. By doing so, you “humanize” your brand and make it apparent that your company isn’t some faceless, mindless corporate entity simply looking to make money. You can share photos of your staff, office, and activities—everything that makes your company relatable.

Engage people with contests – People are naturally competitive, so tap into that instinct by initiating photo contests. You can simply ask users to use a particular hashtag by tagging their pictures; ask your followers to vote for their favorites, then decide on a winner. Of course, don’t forget nice prizes.


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