Building Your Sitemap

When you look at certain websites, you may be taking some time to study their architecture, particularly the placement of their main links. A long line of links at the bottom of the page can reveal others that are not part of the main navbar, one of which is called “Sitemap.” This is a critical part of your website that needs much assistance by Fort Wayne internet marketing providers.


Sitemaps are special directories of all your website’s pages. Much like the table of contents in any book, the sitemap charts the organizational layout of the site, from home page to the more auxiliary sections.

In assembling a sitemap, you need to have a clear heading and layout structure. Each link must have short text descriptions to aid users with pages they need to click on. No images must be put on the sitemap at all to reduce confusion.

Aiding Search Engines

The biggest benefit of a sitemap is that it makes things easier on search engines to sift through the material and amass the proper data for calculating the website’s ranking. Aside from the HTML data, consider uploading an XML file containing all of the lnks and a robots.txt file to help search engine spiders access the XML content.

Search engines look favorably on websites that are highly organized and contain quality content. Have an experienced web developer and online marketing professional design your online business now.

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