When Should My Company Think About SEO?

Many small businesses suppose that search engine optimization (SEO) is primarily a concern of larger businesses with deeper pockets. With web users regularly relying on search engines to find out about new sites and businesses, however, it’s never too early for a business owner to start thinking about SEO. In fact, implementing SEO strategies can be extremely simple when done right.

Even seasoned business owners often fail to understand how SEO actually works. Often, companies first design their websites with colors, logos, texts, page layouts and overall aesthetics in mind. Only afterwards, once the website is nearing its final form, are the web designers asked to pay some attention to SEO. Instead of building with search engines in mind from the start, any SEO strategies are overlaid on top of a pre-existing site structure.

By contrast, a company that thinks about SEO from the start can effortlessly design a website that is both search engine-friendly and aesthetically and functionally in line with the company’s overall aims. In most cases, it isn’t enough to pepper pre-existing pages with catchy keywords. Efforts need to be made from the very start. In other words, even when buying a domain name or establishing the website name, SEO should be somewhere in the back of the business owner’s mind.

For any business serious about online sales and marketing, the question isn’t when to start thinking about SEO. The question is how long they can afford not to think about it.


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