Why You Should Bother With SEO

Understanding how to optimize content for search engines is one of the most important things that a business owner can know. While content is great, SEO is more than just creating an interesting blog post or article. SEO includes page load time, meta descriptions, and title tags. It also includes being active on social media and making sure that links to and from your page come and go from reputable sources.

Content that is visible on social media and easy to find through search engines will lead to an increase in traffic to your site. This may then result in an increase in conversions, sales and profits. As an added bonus, you will get this traffic for free or at a deep discount when the cost is calculated per customer. In some cases, it is possible to spend less than $1 per customer acquired through SEO tactics.

Optimizing content allows you to bring in targeted traffic to your site or to a specific landing page. Just like customers that walk into a physical store location, the traffic that comes to your site is more likely to convert if the customer wants or needs what you have for sale.

Customers who are looking for shoes is not going to buy a tennis racket no matter how many people you draw to your location. This means that you have to create a relevant and specific online presence and optimize it for customers to find, if you want to earn a high ROI for your marketing dollars.

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