The Benefits of Local Search Engine Optimization

More business owners than ever are now realizing the importance of nurturing a powerful online presence, but digital marketing is much easier said than done. With hundreds of millions of active websites to compete with, many businesses have turned to local search engine optimization to bypass international corporations and zero in on key demographics in their city, county, and state.

What Is Local SEO?
Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website to be found by local demographics. Instead of pulling in traffic from around the world, business owners that utilize local SEO are hoping to cast a much smaller net while continuing to catch large fish. This is an alternative to traditional SEO strategies that rely on a large volume of internet traffic to stream through one’s site.

The Benefits of Local SEO
There are two important benefits of local SEO that many business owners will notice almost immediately. The first benefit is that they will not be competing with international corporations that spend millions or even billions on digital advertising. The second benefit of local SEO is bringing in high-quality traffic that will result in much better conversion rates. Website managers and business owners that begin to notice high bounce rates are probably not targeting the right traffic with the right keywords. By focusing on local keywords and phrases, most business owners will find themselves with a much lower cost per conversion(CPC) and higher return on investment(ROI).

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